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Hello everybody

I Have a ZyWall with Firmware 3.30(BDQ.5) 15/05/2014.

I Can't set-up VPN via L2TP. All the guides I have read or watched on Youtube has different method, maybe because the firmware is newer and little bit different. 
Anyway, trying some solutions I can't connect. 

Has Anyone a guide that could help me? 
The Wizard doesn't have the L2TP option but only 
VPN Settings
  • The later steps will guide you to setup the VPN.
  • - Wizard Type
  • - VPN Settings
  • - Wizard Completed

VPN Settings for Configuration Provisioning
  • The later steps will guide you to setup the VPN.
  • - Wizard Type
  • - VPN Settings
  • - Wizard Completed
And I can't find L2TP as many tutorial has.

Please help me. 

Thank you

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    Go to VPN Settings>Express>Select Remote Access(Server role)>Enter the preshare key and local policy(Wan IP)>Press save
    Go to the VPN> Ipsec VPN>VPN connection>Select rule you created>Create the address for local policy(Wan IP)

    Go to L2TP> Select VPN connection rule, IP pool for l2tp client and allow user

    Note: If established l2tp tunnel with Iphone, please select the related algorithm.
    On VPN gateway profile,

    On VPN connect profile,

  • MatteoBasso

    Thank you for the reply. I have tried to do as suggested but doesn't work. 
    Let me show you....

    1) VPN Connection 


    I have created ad object named WAN as you told me, putting the firewall's public IP adress , than I have added the various Encryption proposals

    So on VPN Gateway section I just putted the Pre-Shared Key and the Encryption list like the one before. 

    Finally on L2TP Section I Have created a "test" user with a password, an IP address pool.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work. I don't know If I have to set something on Firewall rules.

    Please help me,

    thank you,

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