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I have an USG20-VPN with the latest firmware 4.38 and I want to make an L2TP VPN Server for remote Windows Clients and an IPSec VPN Client connection to a remote NAS.

I have tried to configure first an L2TP VPN Server and works fine.
After, I have tried to add an IPSec VPN with "Remote Access (Client Role)" but don't works and L2TP VPN Server stop working properly.

My questions are:

1) Can I have an L2TP VPN Server role and an IPSec VPN Client role at the same time that works indipendently ?
2) Can I have also an L2TP VPN Client role ?
3) How many indipendent VPN Server role and VPN Client role I can configure with my USG20-VPN and of what type ?

Thanks in advance.

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    Regarding to you case,
    Press Show advance setting, and go to configure the local IP, and peer IP to recognize each rule correctly.  

    Each role can be processed at the same time but need to set the ID to separate independently.
    Also, on this model the maximun VPN Tunnels is 20.

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