USG40: How to enable firewall for MS Office and Teams?

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By default I deny any outbound traffic. My strategy so far was to enable ports though \SecurityPolicy\Policy Control and using my own service groups.

Is there any other way for apps with more port needs? i.e. I am noticing Teams and Office under "Applications".
However, I don't know how to use applications to open ports.

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    From what I can tell MS Office and Teams uses STUN which is a pain for firewalls unless you can forward to a fixed port otherwise your strategy (like I do) means you have to allow all outgoing ports!

    Two things could fix this that I have suggested in ideas ALG for STUN and Source port for firewall Policy control.

    So what you can do is run MS Office and Teams and check what ports are blocked to then allow them and make Virtual Server rules if needed.

    To know if it TCP or UDP in logs

  • tesagig
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    thanks. I know there lots of ports ranges.
    I was hoping that Zyxel had a predefined rule.

    BTW. What are applications used for?
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    Thanks for PeterUK suggestion, your probably enable all outgoing ports of your scenario. Also, the traffic of MS Office and Teams are also related port 443 or 80.
    Therefore, the device does not support on this scenario currently.
    However, I would like to move your request to Idea section.
    Once the ideas get lots of Likes, we will give it to our product developers to have them evaluated and tell you the feedback.

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