Need instruction to setup static link aggregation between Zywall 310 and GS2210

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I have a Zywall 310 and a GS2210 switch.  Both on the latest firmware.  I would like to setup a static LAG between the two devices to increase available bandwidth.  I would like to connect Zywall ports ge4 and ge5 to GS2210 ports 1 and 2.

How would I configure each device.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Jeremylin
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    I have configured and tested it before, the below guides as your reference.

  • imaohw
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    @Jeremylin - the video you linked to sets up the USG1100 LAG as 802.3ad - dynamic link aggregation (LACP).

    I am looking to set up a static LAG between the USG and the GS2210 switch.

    I am trying to understand if I should use balance-alb as the LAG mode on the USG.  If so, do I configure the switch to use source and destination MAC  address (src-dst-mac)  or something else.
  • Jeremylin
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    “Interface Type” to “Internal”, type in a name and choose the appropriate security “Zone”.
    Select “Mode” to “balance-alb”
    Choose the ports to be a member of your LAG, and configure IP on “IP Address Assignment” and “DHCP Setting” and DHCP settings of your LAG interface.
    On switch just follow as I wrote before. The criteria you configure the default one(src-dst-mac) should be accepted, since this is traffic distribution algorithm used in trunk group.

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