USG60W FW 4.38

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have someone already installed the 4.38 Version?
On which WK-Build is the Firmware based or the fixes incorporated?

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  • itxnc
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    The release notes have all the fixes (link in the firmware screen). There's a bunch. I have it on a USG110 and a couple USG40s. No issues so far.
  • Wolfgang
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    I have also installed on one USG40W, let us see what happens.
  • ChrisGer
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    Update on a USG60W today proceeded "frighteningly wise" without any errors or side effects (today).

  • Maveloth
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    I've installed it since 4 days on my USG60W and no issue, but this morning I've had a warning on my log:
    <div>Port 4 is down!<br></div><div>Port 4 is up!</div>
    The problem is that the port 4 has no cable connected...
  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Have you ever seen "Port 4 is up" from console message?
    Can you private message your configuration for monitoring? 
    The v4.38 which is based on v4.35 and included some fixes and enhancement.
    You can check release note to get more complete information. 

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