BWM TCP ack changes at V4.50

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in the changelog of V4.50 at page 17 is some news about BWM:
[ENHANCEMENT][BWM] Let TCP ack packets can be managed by BWM
function. Add CLI command to enable/disable this enhancement.
(eITS#180700033, 200200602)

But I don't find a description or a command in the CLI reference guide.
@Zyxel: can you provide some information?


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  • PeterUK
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    configure terminal
    Router(config)# bwm control-tcp-ack

    By default (for some reason) when you download small ack packets are sent back bypassing the BWN but with bwm control-tcp-ack they are not.

    This is useful when you set a egress limit and don't want to go over the limit much were as without the  control-tcp-ack when doing a download and upload at the same time you go over the limit.

  • Mario
    Mario Posts: 62  Ally Member
    Thanks, I'll try it out.
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