[NEBULA] How to protect my network/NSG by using firewall rules on NSG?

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Scenario 1:
Deny specific IP from other LAN/VLAN to access a server in LAN2.
The user wants to deny to access the server with IP address

Scenario 2:
Deny specific IP from WAN to access a server in LAN which you have configured virtual server (port forwarding) for it.
The user wants to deny from WAN to access his/her server with IP address
Virtual server:

Firewall rules:

Scenario 3:
Only allow trusted IP address can access NSG via HTTP/HTTPS from WAN.
The user wants to allow to access the WebGUI of NSG.

1. Since the setting is "none" by default to prevent NSG's HTTP/HTTPS service port being the attacker's target on the Internet. We would recommend the user only configure trust public IP that you need to access from WAN and avoid to configure "any" in general scenario.
2. We also recommend the user to configure Allowed Remote IP in virtual server for security concern.