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I am in a tough spot here. Bought myself a great security router that has impressive features, but lacking site-to-site IPSec VPN with SNAT.

Now, I am currently using a Zywall 310 router as my gateway. Zywall handles site-to-site VPN, including some with SNAT.

my questions, can I leave Zywall 310 in place and put my new impressive router behind it, (between Zywall and PCs).

Here's what's I'm thinking.

Zywall Wan =
Zywall LAN =

New router WAN = (to be in same network as Zywall LAN)
New router LAN =

Now, can I setup a rule that forwards all traffic for network via Zywall LAN?

Hope I can find a solution to this.


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    Regarding to this case, after established ipsec vpn tunnel,
    you should add NAT rule to allow incoming traffic, and create the routing rule to force go through (New router WAN) on the your new impressive router.

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