Is the the Zyxel XS1920 L3 managed 10GbaseT ethernet switch still a product ????

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HI Zyxel lads & ladies, is the  Zyxel XS1920 L3 managed 10GbaseT RJ45 ethernet switch still product??

This switch seems to have "disappeared" from the Zyxel main site under 10GbE switches.

like here:  ???

We have received quotations from a few  Zyxel XS1920 L3 managed 10GbaseT ethernet switches from our local Zyxel reseller and as far astray are concerned the  Zyxel XS1920 L3 managed 10GbaseT ethernet switch can still be sold.

We are concerned that if we place this order these  Zyxel XS1920 L3 managed 10GbaseT ethernet switches  that we will not be able to utilise these devices .

BTW we need few of these for 10GbE for film and media technician usage.

Frankly the 10GB 28 port L2 version is out of the budget of our client.

Feel free to have your valiant and intrepid Zyxel sales guys advise me.

Kind Regards 

Warwick Teale
Hong Kong 

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