Why can't I receive the SNMP trap when PD failure is detected in case of Auto PD recovery enabled?

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Auto PD recovery feature is enabled in my GS1350 and PD failure on port 1 is detected.

I could see the event in syslog.

However, there is no trap record that can be found in SNMP server.

Am I missing something?

Setup Procedure:

In order to send trap correctly when PD failure is detected, the trap destination IP address must be assigned and "poe" option must be checked in trap groups.

In web-GUI, go to Management -> Access Control -> SNMP.

1. Assign your SNMP server IP for the trap destination and apply.

2. Go to Trap Group, check "poe" and apply.


You can now both see syslog and SNMP trap when PD failure is detected.