[Nebula] How to delete organization?

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Based on Figure 1 below, the company doesn’t need the Organization B anymore, so they will need to delete the organization. This example shows the administrators on how to delete an organization and what they should pay attention to.

Figure 1:  


Please be ensured that there are no license, device in the site and inventory list, sites, administrator and multiple users to be able to delete organization. 

1. Go to Organization-wide > Organization-wide manage > Organization portal, choose the site by checking the box, and then click on "Delete" button. 

2. A confirmation message will pop-out, click on the "Delete sites".

*After deleting the site, all devices installed in the site will be unassigned and listed in the inventory page. 

3.  Go to Organization-wide > License & inventory

  1. Check that no devices should be a member of any sites.
  2. Checkbox all the devices.
  3. Click the "Actions" button to remove from the organization or transfer to other organization.


4. Go to Organization-wide > Administrators, check all the administrators except for the Owner then click the "Delete" button.  

5. Click the "Save" button below.


6. Go to the Organization-wide > Organization-wide manage > Cloud authentication, please ensure that guest, user, VPN user, MAC, DPPSK are all empty. 

7.  Go to Organization-wide > Organization-wide manage > Organization settings then click the "Delete organization" on the bottom of the page. 

8.  There will be a pop-out message. Click "OK" to process.




1. After deleting the organization, check the Organization list. You’ll see that only Organization A is exists.