[Nebula] How to delete organization?

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Based on Figure 1 below, the company doesn’t need the Organization B anymore, so they will need to delete the organization. This example shows the administrators on how to delete an organization and what they should pay attention to.

Figure 1:  


Please be ensured that there are no license points, device in the site and inventory list, sites, administrator and multiple users to be able to delete organization. 


Move the license points first before doing the following steps below. License points can only be transferred between two organizations with the same owner account. If the organization owner is not the same, please contact the Nebula Support.

1. Go to MSP Portal > Configure > License transefer. In this page, you could choose the organization and license type that will be transfer to the new organization, click “OK” button to process.

2. Click the “Continue” button to process license transfer.



3. Go to Site > Overview, choose the site by checking the box, and then click on "Delete" button. 

4. A confirmation message will pop-out, click on the "Delete sites".

*After deleting the site, all devices installed in the site will be unassigned and listed in the inventory page. 

5.  Go to Organization-wide > Configure > Inventory

  1. Check that no devices should be a member of any sites.
  2. Checkbox all the devices.
  3. Click the Unregister button to remove all the devices from the organization.


6. Go to Organization-wide > Configure > Administrator, check all the administrators except for the Owner then click the Delete button.  

7. Click the “Save” button below.


8. Go to the Organization-wide > Configure > Cloud authentication, please ensure that guest, user, VPN user, MAC, DPPSK are all empty. 

9.  Go to Organization-wide > Configure > Settings then click the Delete organization on the bottom of the page. 

10.  There will be a pop-out message. Click “OK” to process.




1. After deleting the organization, check the Organization list. You’ll see that only Organization A is exists.