Introducing the new USG FLEX Series

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Whether your business is small or mid-sized, onsite, or employees telecommuting, a business office network has to offer employees not just connectivity but also security. We are introducing the latest USG FLEX Series - a newly designed platform capable of up to 1.25 times firewall performance improvement and 5 times UTM performance gain.

The USG FLEX Series supports IPsec, SSL, and L2TP-based VPNs, making it an ideal solution for providing a secure network to access remote or home-based workers. Zero-configuration remote access removes complicated setup challenges making it easier for employees to establish VPN connections to the office without the need for IT support.

->  Higher Detection Threats Rate

The USG FLEX Series supports advanced Anti-Malware with cloud query express mode. The cloud query with high detection rate helps verify the file hash within seconds.

->  Security

Zyxel partners with industry leading security experts to deliver top-grade security in one-box. We leverage a multiple-source database to increase malware coverage. This increases the accuracy in threat detection.

->  Multi-layer protection

USG FLEX is designed with multi-layer protection against many types of threats. Examples of external protection include USG FLEX’s URL Threat Filter, Anti-Malware, and Intrusion Prevention. Internal protection features include Application Patrol and Web Filtering which restrict users' inappropriate application usage or web access.

->  Performance Gain

The newly designed platform is capable of up to 125% firewall performance improvement. The USG FLEX maximizes UTM firewall performance by minimizing power usage. Results of an additional 500% UTM performance have been observed with cloud query express mode.

->  Work remotely and securely is as easy as 1-2-3

With the rising trend in working remotely, USG FLEX offers IPsec, SSL or L2TP based VPNs to provide flexible secure network options for many of the common operating systems.

->  Flexible subscription

Users will be able to migrate existing, unexpired USG licenses to the new USG FLEX hardware. There is no need to purchase licenses from scratch. Users can also choose single license configurations where the need arises for Web Filtering, Anti-Malware, and many more.

->  User-friendly analytics report

The USG FLEX Series dashboard offers user-friendly traffic summary and threat statistic visuals. Used in conjunction with SecuReporter (Included with bundled licensing), custom monthly reports on threats, bandwidth usage, and user sites visited can be summarized and delivered each month.

->  Comprehensive connectivity

Zyxel USG FLEX Series not only can protect your network, but it also supports hospitality features including hotspot guest network access and can function as an access point controller for quick configuration and deployment of WiFi networks.

Zyxel’s comprehensive range of security solutions provides businesses from small to large with the flexibility, power, and performance they need to secure businesses from the evolving cybersecurity landscape. For more information, please visit

*Based on the comparison with the USG series firewalls. Actual performance may vary depending on system configuration, network conditions, and activated applications.

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