ATP100 - EMail Security Timeout (since FW 4.55)

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Firmware V4.55 runs now for about 3 hours on my ATP100.

Most emails now come in my inbox tagged with my timeout tag [FW-Timeout].
Before with FW4.50 I've only rarely seen the timeout tag on my mails.

Here are the signature versions:
Anti-Malware Signature (
Threat Intelligence Machine Learning (TIML) (
App-Patrol (
URL Threat Filter (
IP Reputation (

What can I do?



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  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @e_mano_e  

    Email security function will caches all of URLs in the mail content, and send to server for check URL security. After received result from server, then VPN100 will forward/drop the mail.

    If device unable to get response before timeout, then will forward/drop the mail and tag “timeout” in subject. 

    According to your situation, the reason may come from there are too many hyper link in the mail and leads query timeout.

    You can try to extend timeout value and check if it is helpful.

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