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Questions about remote work? We’ve curated knowledge from IT sans frontiers to give you actionable answers for network setup. If you have any question, idea or suggestion, please leave your message here


Q1 : One of the biggest challenges I faced in working from home was maintaining the same level of motivation and productivity. Coffee shop affords me a place to work that is quiet and away from children. Am I safe when using public Wi-Fi hotspots with a VPN?

If the link you use is a VPN that is activated on your PC to the destination location (e.g. from a software application on your pc that links to your office router) you are secure from pc to your office. Of course if you link to your office desktop and then use an insecure link from office desktop to ultimate destination, you are compromised from office desktop to destination. (Gene Bohn)


Q2 : Due to the COVID-19 crisis, I have been forced to have my schooling online at student apartment. My internet will often cut out during online classes and I am unable to study. How to improve my internet connection?

It depends on some factors, are you connected by wifi or cable, what is the distance to the router or WIFI, what is the speed you have with your ISP and so on and we can look into each one to troubleshoot. (John Velasquez)


Q3 : Given current conditions, the work from home paradigm is not likely to end anytime soon. Our office network is directly under attack from employee PC through VPN connection. How can I protect my company network?


Cost effective and simple not always go hand to hand. Fastest way would be to use a cloud subscription for VPN access, or something like ZeroTier. Recommended would to use a router/firewall with VPN, traffic inspection and in some cases QOS capabilities. (Daniel Hanganu)


Q4 : I’m a supermarket manager in OC, LA. As you know, I need to manage many operational works and one of the most important work is to manage inventories. During the outbreak of the COVID-19, I need to pay more attention to manage our inventories but recently when I sent the order request to our HQ, it almost took at least 10 mins to be able to send out. It drives me crazy as I’m super busy these days. What should I do to make the internet speed faster? Please help. Thanks.


If you have a firewall device, you can use BWM or QoS for your operational works (Mustafa Nur)


Q5 : I’m the supervisor of a small PR agency with around 15 employees in UK. However, we’ve to work from home now due to the orders of the government. All of our employees have a laptop at home but as they have some sensitive data of our clients (ex: new product launch plan), how I can make sure all the data are safe even they work from home? (No need to worry about ransomware, phishing email) What kind of security products or procedures I should buy or do to prevent this happened in advance? 


The main point is to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in the main office so all the people working remotely can securely share information and access the office resources. (John Velasquez)  


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