Zyxel VPN50 - Time server sync problem

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I have two Zyxel VPN50. One has a problem synching time and date from NTP Server (0.pool.ntp.org). Error message that appears is:
CLI Number:1 - Error number: -21013 - Error message: 'Do NTP update has failed'.
Log reports:
-Notice    myZyxel.com    GetTimeZone: Processing...
-Error      myZyxel.com    Skip get_time_zone, parameter missing!
-Error      myZyxel.com    Connection error has occured.
I try with different Time Zones (Manual or Automatic) without success.
Other appliance with the same NTP Server and settings has no problem.
Thanks in advance.

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    go to maintenance > Diagnostic > packet capture and select any wan interfaces and capture then click sync now for the time and stop capture and see if you can see the time protocol going out on UDP port 123.  
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    Hi @gabriele_a  

    Can you make sure your network connection is able work without problem?

    And also please make sure your DNS has configured correctly.

  • gabriele_a
    Thanks for your replies.
    I verified DNS configuration and reflect your suggestion.
    As I noticed other problems in my VPN50 (dead site-to-site Vpn connection after firmware upgrade, freeze screens, connection errors to MYZYXEL.COM in log) I decided to proceed in next days with a factory reset of the appliance and new manual configuration.
    I will update you on the results.

  • gabriele_a
    After factory reset, firmware upgrade and new configuration all problems have been solved.

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