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I can't test a VPN connection at MONITOR --> VPN Monitor --> IPSec, the Connection Check button is disabled.
In which conditions is this command inactive?

Thanks in advance.

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Best regards

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  • jasailafan
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    Did you select the VPN tunnel before clicking the button ?

    What kind of VPN scenario are you using? Is it site to site with dynamic peer? or IKEv2? 

    It would be helpful if you can take a video of the symptom of the issue on the monitor page of VPN connection.

  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Hi @dpipro,

    The Connection Check button is grey out before selecting a VPN tunnel.

    You could follow jasailafan’s instruction to share us related information if it is still unable to click.  :)


    @Jasailafan, Thanks

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