Any special DHCP options needed for Apple products?

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Android and Windows 10 PCs connect using DHCP on USG110 FW:V4.33(AAPH.OJITS-WK30-r89425) without any problems through an AP.   Apple MacBook Pro 2.4, iPAD, and various iPhones fail to accept offer.  Plenty of free addresses remaining in pool.  Any special DHCP options needed?  Thanks

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    Hi @dkyeager

    Does DHCP Relay function is enabled in your environment?

    If yes, you can try this CLI command by SSH connection:

    Router# configure terminal
    Router(config)# ip dhcp-relay force-brcadcast
    Router(config)# write

    Since OS/IOS are working DHCP in “unicast”, and some of DHCP server may drop this kind of packets those forwarded by DHCP relay server.

    If it still doesn’t help, you may capture the packets on USG interface.

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