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I have a USG60.
After one year of use, i have paid for renewing my licenses.
I have linked my USG60 to my new licenses via the MAC adress
I received 5 or 6 emails confirming that the link between the licenses and the adress of the router have been established
Despite this, the router dashboard tells me that my licenses are expired.
I don't know how to activate the purchased licenses.
Thanks for your help


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    Hi @FJE  

    For check license status, you can login to portal first.

    And go to “My Device” to check registered device.

    After found your device, click “MAC” address to check device detail information.

    And then there is “Linked Services” button. You can find all of licenses status on this device.

    If there is any service is “Not Activated”. You can click “Details” button to activate your license.

    After activated license, you can click “Service license Refresh” button to sync license status again.

    Configuration > Licensing > Registration > Service > Service License Refresh

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