Unboxing review NWA110AX from Denmark

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Thank you Zyxel for letting us test your new product, it’s a great opportunity for us and our customers to experience firsthand, what some of the latest Wi-Fi technology can do.

We replaced our NWA1123-ACv2 with the NWA110AX in our workshop that’s about 30m2. We are three daily users with a smart phone, computer and laptop. We also prepare, setup and repair customers equipment in our workshop, mainly Microsoft services like Microsoft 365, with use of Android/Apple/Microsoft devices. Currently we have 1000/1000 Mb/s internet connection with a NSG200, GS1920v2-24HP, GS1920v2-8HP, two file servers, three surveillance cameras and an internet radio.

With the new NWA110AX features like improved antenna gain and sensitivity from the new Qualcomm chipset, we hope for a faster and more stable Wi-Fi connectivity for our clients, particular video streaming material and gaming. We will not benefit from OFDMA and BSS, if our clients doesn’t use 802.11ax or WiFi 6, hopefully we will see a lot of manufactures implementing new radios with WiFi 6 capabilities, so our WiFi network can be more efficient. Another thing is the new design and mounting it is very nice, very easy to mount and unmount without the need of tools, and a little plastic bracket protects cables from multiple scenarios, like curious people.

We are still waiting for a price so that could be the downside, if it’s not the same as NWA1123-AC HD or close to, that could get people to choose older technology, due to missing clients using WiFi 6. Have tested NWA110AX and NWA1123-AC HD with iperf and with WiFi 5 technologies we get the same amount of bandwidth on booth access points, but the coverage is a little bit better on NWA110AX. We are looking forward to the release of WAX510D and WAX650S, to compare with older models and testing with more WiFi 6 clients. Another thing to have in mind, when wanting to replace older WiFi solutions could be the power budget, the NWA210AX, WAX610D and WAX650S uses more power due to more radios, so to get the full functionalities from the bigger access points, you would have to check the power budget of your switch first.

All our newer equipment that supports Zyxels Nebula is connected and managed by Nebula. The cloud control center is very easy to use, and you can quickly get a preconfigured overview, of all devices managed by Nebula. All configurations are a little like Zyxel products web interfaces, divided in groups of products and functionalities. First thing you do, go to nebula.zyxel.com and create a Zyxel account, afterwards create an organization and a site, you will then be guide through basic configurations, now you’re ready to add devices. You can do that from the online portal, or download the smartphone app, where you can add devices, with the matrix code on the box or devices, it is so easy and a very neat function. The app gets regular updates with new features, that gives you more control and monitoring options from your phone, without entering the online portal.

The NWA110AX comes in a box with power supply and mounting brackets. Looks like Zyxel has designed their boxes as all other, with reusable cardboard and still a lot of plastic. It’s nice to see that the devices, doesn’t come in some fancy useless box, that is just going to the dumpster, but all that plastic would be nice not to have, for the environment and for us going to the dumpster with all that plastic. The devices itself is below with some pictures both the access point and the mounting plate. Overall nice design with easy mounting functionalities, everyday use works flawless and Nebula gives you an easy overview for maintaining and error corrections. 

Any questions, I will be happy to provide with some answers.

Now some pictures: