What can I do about Shell Scrip function?

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In maintenance > File manager > Shell Scrip.
What can I do in this function?


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    Hello CHS,
    On the Shell Scrip this feature, 
    user can enter the command in order to let device follow instruction and process automatically.
    e.g. The device will backup the configuration before reboot

    You can use schedule run by the following steps:

    (1) Upload a shell script to the device.

    a. The contents of .zysh are:

    copy /conf/startup-config.conf /conf/back-config.conf

    b. save this file as "backupconf.zysh"

    c. upload this file to shell scrip page. (Maintenance > File Manager > Shell Scrip)

    (2) Use CLI command to run the schedule everyday:

    Router(config)# schedule-run 1 backupconf.zysh daily 03:00

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    Hey there CHS

    I added a link with some scripts you can use for different things


    Kind regards


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    Here a script I made for changing the DHCP Bootp flags to Unicast on OPT port

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