RMA Device and HA Pro - Reassociate?

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Hi all!

We have two ATP500 associated using HA Pro feature. Recently the passive device had a hardware failuare and we recieved the new unit, so we need to redo the HA association of devices. (Due to differetn Mac Address and Serial Number)

We started following the steps at the Zyxel,s doc we found.  Basically says that we must  "clear" the association and this will make the device available again to configure a new HA link.

What we did:

Cleared device Settings to Factory Default.
Resynced Licenses and Service Status

After that, is supposed that the associated services displayed on the tab HA Pro of myzyxel.com must be automatically deleted, the device unpaired and s the "HA Pro" button is back to configure it again on the device. We did the steps but the license association of this device with failed one persist and can,t reassignate to the new one.

Anybody knows whats the problem?

Thank you all.

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