WAC5302D-S: Managed mode support

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Hello, this message is dedicated directly to Zyxel support staff.

Please I need information about support for WAC5320S-D in managed mode. I know that this access point can operate in managed mode (Device user's guide WAC5302D-S_V5.00.pdf).

I am trying to connect USG60W (AP Controller) with WAC5302D-S (Managed AP) without success. I found only this page http://www.zyxel.com/solutions/AP-Controller-Technology-20140627-854642.shtml about support and compatibility list , but this document does not mention WAC5302D-S device.

Home page of WAC5302D-S does not explicitly mention which AP controller supports WAC5302D-S device (NXC line, USG line of AP controller). 

So I would like to know what is the support status for WAC5302D-S, and when will be supported by USG line of devices.

With best regards,
Wojciech Michalski.