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Hello :) ,
we have 2 usg-110 in ha which has a license transfer problem. Since all the licenses including utm and securrepoter licenses are activated in the primary device, since the roles change from active to passive, it seems that the secureporter license is not transferred automatically like the rest of the utm licenses, in fact from that moment the secureporter no longer records any activity to make the device with the assigned license work.
the release of the present fimrware is 4.38, are you already aware of this problem?

Greetings. :)

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    Hi @Filippo,

    Before you establish Device HA, you need to pick one device as active role, then log in  MyZyxelCloud account to transfer all licenses from stand-by device to active device.

    Assume operations have done on MyZyxelCloud, there is no license on stand-by device. All licenses count on active device.

    Even it changes roles from active to stand-by, the license still counts on active device.

    If you cannot see license on stand-by device, you can check if the stand-by device run as stand-alone(Dissociation HA status).


    Device HA license synchronization setting: This field is active device SN.

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