USG210 with latest firmware - Dropping packets outbound

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What could be causing this? We have been using this router for over 2 years now and even swapped out with a fresh one using the same config. We recently switched to VoIP and are seeing frequent call drops. WinMTR reveals that we are dropping packets on anything outbound. (WAN and over our wireless tower as well as VPN's.)

Previous V4.33(AAPI.0) - had the issue
Firmware V4.38(AAPI.0) - still has the issue

I could just wipe the config and start over but figured I would check here first before taking on such a task that will involve a few more hours and maybe not resolve.

It is definitely something in our config causing the issue... could use some help.

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    Can you draw a brief network topology with IP/PBX(Sip server)/Phone marked?
    It would be helpful to have overall understanding.

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