No VLAN mapping support for the XGS2210 Series?

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I recently unpacked one of our XGS2210-52 for the purpose of using it as a VLAN Mapping switch only. Basically I want two cables attached to the switch and translate vlan 101 to 201, 102 to 202, 103 to 203 and so forth. 

According to the website listing the features for that switch series "VLAN mapping" is supported,

Here's a basic example of how to use the VLAN mapping feature!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=003306&lang=EN. But there isn't any option to create that configuration, have tried to find it both in the CLI and in the Web GUI. 

Do I need to activate this feature somehow before it can be used or is it simply not supported by the XGS2210 Series even if listed as a supported feature?

I've also updated to the latest firmware just in case it was added by software later on, didn't help though. 

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