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New Updates

Multidimensional Analytics 

15 July 2020 — The number of cybersecurity threats and their complexities are growing, which drives the need for 360-degree visibility for network monitoring. To further improve “SecuReporter” analyzer, we have developed Multidimensional Analytics for Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware, IDP, ADP, Mail Protection, URL Threat Filter, IP reputation, and Sandboxing.

360 Degree Analysis of Your Cybersecurity

Analyze the time trend, threat type, signature, and email subject leads for precise detection. Monitor malicious activity from source IP and destination IP for bidirectional analysis.

Multidimensional Analytics – Anti-Virus/Malware

Analyze from Time Trend, Top Virus/Malware, Malware Type, Source IP, Destination IP and more.

Multidimensional Analytics - URL Threat Image

Analyze from Time Trend, Top Threat Website, Top types, Source IP, Destination IP, and more.

Multidimensional Analytics - Sandboxing

Analyze from Time Trend, Alerts, Scanning files, Source IP, Destination IP, and more.


*: More details can be found at:

*1:License Bundle includes Content Filtering, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, IDP and SecuReporter Premium
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