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I just purchased an XGS1930 switch, this is to replace an old cisco switch. the old cisco switch has the following configuration:

ports 1-45 vlan 1
port 46 - Trunk Port with all vlans - Temporary port for XGS1930 testing and configuration
port 47 - Trunk Port with all vlans - 2nd Switch
Port 48 - Trunk Port with all vlans - Pfsense Router
Port 49 - Trunk Port with all vlans - Unraid Server
Port 50 - Trunk Port with all vlans - Unraid Server

I am trying to get the XGS1930 switch configured. I tried the wizard, I even enabled VLAN Trunking on ports 45-52. to start testing I connected port 47 on the XGS1930 to port 46 on the cisco. and one unraid server to port 49 on the XGS1930. while the link lights come up, and the port status screen shows forwarding, I cannot ping the unraid server.

on another thread, they said to show the mac addresses, so here it is:

the Config

Any help would be great.

The Doc.

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    Hi @DocLove

    Welcome to Zyxel community
    Based on mac table and screenshot of your config on XGS1930, we think the configuration is correct.
    However, you have mentioned that you can't ping server that connected to port 49.
    Therefore, may I know where did you connect the PC to? what is the VLAN member of your PC and server?

    Best regards,
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    I see that you mentioned an UnRaid server on port 49 *and* on port 50.
    Are there two separate UnRaid server devices, or is there just one Unraid server
    connected to the switch via two ethernet cables?

    If it is just one Unraid server, then the network ports are probably set up
    as a LAG (Link AGgregation). . .   in which case, you'll need two ports on
    the XGS set up as LAG ports, with the appropriate VLANS set up for each.

    In some instances, if you have ports set up for link aggregation,
    and only one cable is connected, the link may not always come up.
    In my mind, that shouldn't happen, but it is what I have experienced.