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First ,Hi to all
i m a owner of zywall 5 utm and i want to replace it with zywall 110 because i have a 100mbit internet and i get only 25 with the 5utm.
So, must move to another equipment.
i went to the demo page of the 110 gui ( to see whats the difference from my  model , how to setup etc.
Now i want to ask 2 questions.

: where can i see the dhcp tables like zywall5  have ? see photo bellow...

this can be found on zywall 5 dashboard (next photo)

Also, where is the drop button for wan interface? you can see it in the above pic (i use this button offten because i have dynamic ip and i want to change my ip whenever i want with one click . Is very helpfull)

The second question its not related to the gui .
It is for the custom filtering .
If i dont have licence for DPI (deep packet inspection) can i use my own custom filtering rules and not the zyxel listing servers?
i dont want app patrol . i need only the pages visited 

thats all for now.
Thank you in advance.

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  • Thank you for the answers.
    Thats great, so im ready to order my 110 usg....
    i post back when i have it and if i stuck to any setup.

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