ZLD V4.62 WK02 Firmware release

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You may encounter device freeze, after upgrading firmware to 4.62WK02, IF YOUR CURRENT RUNNING FIRMWARE VERSION IS:





The Symptom:

The firmware listed above is subject to a bug, that when FQDN object is created and used in the system configuration, then the device will hang after upgrading firmware to any newer version. However, if your device’s running firmware version is not listed above, then your device is immune from this symptom.



Power cycle the device (power off the device completely, then power on the device).



1.      Please be reminded that to power cycle a device, you must have physical access to that device. You may need an on-site visit if the device is installed in a remote place.

2.      Please do backup your device configuration before upgrading firmware.


3.      Before powering off your device, it is strongly recommended to conduct the following prerequisites: Connecting the console cable. Waiting for the firmware upgrade in progress, until you see the message from the console “Restarting system”.

 Never power off your device before you seeing this message, or you might encounter unexpected result e.g. file system corruption.


(1) The console session displays “Firmware received” after the FTP file transfer is complete. Then you need to wait while the ZyWALL/USG recovers the firmware (this may take up to 4 minutes).

(2) The message here might be “ZLD-current received”. Actually, it is equivalent to “Firmware received”.

(3) The console session displays “done” when the firmware recovery is complete. Then the ZyWALL/USG automatically restarts.

Note: These patches include current hotfixes but they are not formally released firmware, it is not a “MUST” to upgrade to the hotfix versions if your device is operating normally.

USG flex series (Release date: Jan. 21th, 2021)

Model               Firmware ID               Download link

Flex-700           ABWD                          Download

Flex-500           ABUJ                           Download

Flex-200           ABUI                            Download

Flex-100           ABUH                          Download

Flex-100W       ABWC                          Download

ATP series (Release date: Jan. 21th, 2021)

Model               Firmware ID               Download link

ATP-800           ABIQ                           Download

ATP-700           ABTJ                           Download

ATP-500           ABFU                          Download

ATP-200           ABFW                         Download

ATP-100           ABPS                          Download

ATP-100W       ABRW                         Download

ZyWall USG series (Release date: Jan. 21th, 2021)

Model                 Firmware ID               Download link

USG-2200          ABAE                           Download

USG-1900          AAPL                           Download

USG-1100          AAPK                           Download

USG-310            AAPJ                           Download

USG-210            AAPI                            Download

USG-110            AAPH                          Download

USG-60              AAKY                          Download

USG-60W          AAKZ                           Download

USG-40             AALA                            Download

USG-40W         AALB                            Download

USG-20 VPN    ABAQ                           Download

USG-20W VPN ABAR                           Download

ZyWall-110        AAAA                           Download

ZyWall-310        AAAB                          Download

ZyWall-1100      AAAC                          Download

VPN series (Release date: Jan. 21th, 2021)  

Model               Firmware ID               Download link

VPN50              ABHL                           Download

VPN100            ABFV                           Download

VPN300            ABFC                           Download

VPN1000          ABIP                            Download