Active Directory doesn't authenticate user in the Access Points

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I'm setting up my AP's with my NXC5500 using my active directory to authenticate users, I already create the folder in my OU and add the user to test, I also added the Active directory and validate testing with the user added.
On the Security profile I select Enterprise on Authentication settings and then select the Authentication method I create with my AD, but when I try to login to the SSID it keeps sending me in the logs Station: XX XX XX XX XX XX has deauth on channel1....Reason 23 Flags: 0x3 Interface wlan: 1-1

On my laptop the message shown is: Can't connect to this network


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    Hi @colthr21 ,
    The reason 23 means IEEE 802.1X authentication failed, so would you help to check that if your AP can connect to the AD server without problem? You may check it in below page of the CONFIGURATION> Object> AAA server> Active Directory.

    When you enter the username and click 'Test', there should be username check result, please PM me if you don't want to past here because there might be some information of your AD server.
    Here's the SOP for setting up the AD configuration for your reference.

    If the problem is still happened after you follow the SOP, please provide us the configuration setting for us to check detail.
    BTW, would you also check if there's any information on your authentication server?