USG20 and NWA1123AC guestwifi and VLAN

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I have this USG20, a HP Switch and NWA1123AC.
I want a Wifi with access to LAN devices/internet and a Wifi for guests with only internet access

LAN1 is configured 10.10.2.x with DHCP server and VLAN10 ( no DHCP on VLAN )
DMZ is configured 172.16.1.x and VLAN20 ( DHCP 172.16.3.x ) 

NWA is configured with 2 SSIDs 
Employee with VLAN10
Guest with VLAN20

4 ports in my HP switch is tagged with VLAN20 and VLAN10 untagged  ( port 5,6,7,8 )
1 port is VLAN10 untagged ( port 4 )
1 port is VLAN20 tagged ( port 3 )
Port 3 and 4 is Trunk

USG20 LAN1 connect to port4
USG20 DMZ connect to port 3

But it does not work :-)
Where am I going wrong ?

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    Hello PeterMarker,

    we are missing information about your issue. What is your status now? Do you get an IP address from VLAN between ID 10 and 20 via WiFi? How does your device behave? Did you check the continuity of the VLAN from USG to NWA1123-AC?