WPA3/WPA2 mixed option

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Unlikely that all devices will be WPA3 at the present time.  Any plans for having mixed WPA3/WPA2 options for both personal and enterprise?  Some competitors already have this for their Wi-Fi 6 APs  Specifically looking at the WAX650S and the WAX510D.  Thanks.

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    Hi @dkyeager ,

    Currently, it's compatible to use WPA2 when you set the security to WPA3 personal or enterprise.
    When you set the WPA3 personal, the transition mode is auto enabled, so the clients which are only supported by WPA2 can connect on the AP as well. When you use WPA3, there's no option for the cipher type because it only uses AES.

    For the WPA3 enterprise, because WPA3 does not fundamentally change or replace the protocols defined in WPA2-Enterprise, the client supported WPA2 only can connect to the SSID with WPA3 enterprise directly.