NXC2500 Wireless Internet Speed Slow

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We have a NXC2500 and several NWA 5121-NI access points.

We have set up as per these instructions:


Basically, two separate networks, one “Office” one and one for “Guests”

Our setup goes AP >> HP POE Switch >> NXC2500 >> GE1/P1 to our LAN and GE2/P3  to our DMZ (ie guest network). GE3/P3 is the link between switch and NXC2500. 

The issue is the actual internet speed is barely reaching 20MB, despite us having a 200MB leased line.

But, most devices are connecting wireless at around 70MB+,  ok I don’t expect 144MB but surely it should be faster than 20MB? 

I have played around with Wireless Channels to no avail, and changed the AP SSIDS to no security to rule that out.

Also if you plug a laptop in directly to the HP POE Switch, it achieves speeds that match our internet connection.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.