WLAN AP outdoor enclosure compatibility to new WAX series

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as I would need to mount one of my (planned) future WAX510D devices in an outdoor area/position I would like to know if the currently available Outdoor Enclosure is compatible to the new WAX AP series?

There are no information about on the data of the enclosure about, only a list for the old devices.
And due to the change in casing from octagonal to squares it might be possible that they won't fit, which I would like to get a clarification for.

If they are not compatible, will there be an option for a suitable casing in near future or which alternatives do I have for mounting the new WAX AP in outdoor position?

Thank you

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    Hi @SteveSt ,
    The enclosure of the WAX510D is planned to launch in 2021. However, if you want to use the current enclosure, you can use the recommended screw and washer to lock the WAX510D.
    Here are the information of the screw, washer, and the AP lock location for your reference.

    The screw is SCREW RH+ TAP M3*8 Fe Ni

    WASHER For M3 T=1.0mm

    The AP lock location

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    thank you very much for this detailed information. That helps alot.