NWA1123-AC-PRO administration from UPLINK Port ?

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we have some NWA1123-ACv2 and we recently bought a NWA1123-AC-PRO for testing before buying more.
Everything is fine for the wifi part but we have a simple problem with the admin part: how to administer the AP through the UPLINK Port ?
Surprisingly, we found that the AP is asking a new IP from our DHCP server ONLY when connected from the LAN port! We surely miss something somewhere because this behavior just ruins the whole POE things: when it will be mounted on ceiling, linked and powered by only one ethernet POE cable, it's a no-go if we shall plug an other cable in the LAN port just to change the configuration!
We didn't find a way to solve this, if we use the POE/Uplink port, we can't administer the AP in Standalone mode (without physically plugging another cable in the LAN port..).
I hope this is not a "marketing feature" just to push us to the Nebula Cloud Admin solution..

In advance, thanks for your answers.
Best regards.

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  • Firstly, thanks for your help.
    I can confirm that the DHCP settings are set to "Get Automatically"

    but when only the UPLINK port is used I can't reach the AP (no request, no IP).
    So I also plug the LAN port and here is what I can see in the admin interface:
    In the Dashboard ther is the LAN interface:

    and in the Network Status it said that it's the UPLINK port (but that's not true):

    If I unplug the LAN port, the AP become immediately unreachable..

    The firmware is up to date [ NWA1123-AC PRO_6.10(ABHD.3)C0 ]
    I can't figure why the UPLINK port can't reach the DHCP..

  • Ok, I solved it!
    The RxPkts summary showing zero helps me: the POE port on the switch looks defective.
    I changed the switch and the DHCP request was seen and answered by the server.
    Again, thanks for your prompt help.