GS1900-8HP SNMP support

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I'm trying to qualify this switch for use in one of our product offerings.
The datasheet says that there is support for SNMP management and includes RFC1493 Bridge MIB in the supported list of MIBs.
However, when I fetch the MIB information, I do not see this MIB included in the returned results.
Is this MIB supported by the SNMP agent on this unit?
If so, how do I get this information returned when requested?


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    Hi @davidhelms,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    May you help me to verify the following things:
    1. Can your PC ping the switch successfully? Make sure you are polling the switch IP address in your SNMP tool.
    2. Is the "Community Name" which is configured in the switch(Default is "public") match the setting in your SNMP tool.
    3. What SNMP tool do you use to poll? Which OID do you want to poll from the switch?
    The screenshot below is in my local test and using iReasoning MIB Browser to Load RFC 1493 MIB then do SNMP Walk on the GS1900-8HP.
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    Hi Jason,
    Thanks for the speedy response.
    I have tried to leave everything in the default factory setting.
    So the IP address is
    I am able to ping that from my statically configured IP address of
    I was using a different MIB walking tool, so I downloaded and used the iReasoning MIB browser as shown above.
    It has improved the situation, in that I can now see the BRIDGE-MIB in the fetched results.
    So I think the fact that I wasn't seeing the BRIDGE-MIB has something to do with how the other tool operates.

    My ultimate objective is to be able to get the contents of the forwarding table so that I can get the mapping of the MAC addresses of the stations attached to the switch to the port numbers they are attached to.
    In the BRIDGE-MIB this is the dot1dTpFdbTable with OID of .

    When I attempt to fetch this table I get no results and the iReasoning MIB browser shows this OID as not-accessible.

    Is there some configuration that I need to enable to make this table accessible?

    Thanks in advance.
  • davidhelms
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    Thanks, that helps immensely.
    Loading the Q-BRIDGE-MIB was the element that I was missing.
    Appreciate your help on this and your responsiveness speaks well of Zyxel as we make our final vendor selection.
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    FWIW I've used Zyxel for a few years now (I'm a startup MSP) and their support keeps me coming back. Nearly every time I've called their tech support, I'm on the line within 5 minutes with an American English speaking tech who knows what he's doing. They don't run me in circles just to follow their programmed script; they actually hire knowledgeable techs and then let them think for themselves and solve their customer's problems. Nearly every time I've needed a level 2 tech, the front line tech has been able to get hold of one right then; no waiting a few days for a call back.
    Their email support isn't as responsive but if I need a quick response I just call in.