Problem printing to Toshiba e-studio, USG60

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Hi, can anyone give me a light on this please? I have many Toshiba E-studios printers, each one with a fixed IP. First, when i do a ping to them using CMD (windows10), they respond 3 or 4 times and then says (Zyxel) cannot reach the device and i can rarely access toshiba´s web interface. When i use USG60 Tools to Ping the printer, the response is 100% sent and received, so its ok. I suppose somewhere, the USG60 is blocking traffic to printers. I binded MAC to IP correctly and is assigning IP correctly to Toshiba Printer based on Mac address. I created a Security Policy allowing all traffic to Toshiba´s IP to be allowed. I don´t know where else to look for or to toubleshoot the problem. Thank you so much

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    Are other laptops in the same lan (192.168.1.x) of usg60 are able to ping each other?
    If you turn off the whole function of security policy, is the laptop (192.168.1.x) able to ping the printers in the same lan?   
    If it is blocked by usg, there should be some blocked logs. Did you find any blocked logs? 

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