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I'm just trying to work out why an ATP 100 would be blocking certain websites?

I've tried adding one or two sites to the trusted list which does not seem to help and I have in takes quite a few of the things in the BPP List but this does not seem to change getting to websites where for example I could purchase CBD oil for medical purposes.

Where else should I be making changes?

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    Hi @Dovetail_MD,

    What is the firmware version of ATP100?

    Are these websites blocked by Content Filter or IP Reputation?

    Go to MONITOR > Log and check which security service blocked these websites.


    If they are blocked by IP Reputation due to phishing, check if the default setting of phishing is disabled.

    If any well-known websites should not be blocked by IP Reputation, give us the list of blocked IP addresses.

    We will verify if these IP addresses are safe and add them to white list in the next signature version.

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    Good morning and thank you

    Firmware VersionV4.55(ABPS.0) / 2020-05-14 23:51:05

    The list of email addresses that are being blocked includes the UK National Rail website

    I'm afraid the log is not very helpful as it does not specify particular websites are being blocked so I have started logging on some of the various subsections to see whether that gives me more detail

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