vlan not found on one AP

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Good evening everyone,

I thank in advance anyone who wants to contribute to the solution of my problem:
Network configuration:
ATP100 - GS1900-24HP - GS1200-5HP.v2 - 2 AP NWA1123 on Nebula

ATP100 P3 P6 ports configured on LAN1, vlan4 is configure as follows

GS1900-24HP connected on P3 of ATP100 with vlan4 tag on port 1 and port 24, this access point connected to the switch works properly on both SSIDs

On GS1200-5HP connected to P6 of ATP100 with vlan4 on port 02 towards NWA1123

The access points have 2 SSIDs, the first with access to the LAN and the second with access to vlan4
NWA1123 controlled via nebula connected on port 01 of the GS1900-24HP
NWA1123 controlled via nebula connected on port 02 of the GS1200-5HP

My problem is the following:

Only on the access point connected to port 02 of the GS1200-5HP can I not acquire the IPs with the DHCP of the firewall and therefore I cannot navigate, I have no problems with the LAN SSID.
Anyone have any ideas about it? Thanks so much.

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    Thanks Lucious, actually I hadn't thought about it ... I thought it was enough to tag the firewall port where the Access Point is connected and not the port to the ATP (05), thank you very much. Resolved.

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