How to pass all internet traffic from WAN1 (P2) to LAN1 (P4) on VPN100

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I have a VPN100 connected between the internet and a local computer network. I need to pass all the internet traffic between WAN1 (P2) to LAN1 (P4) on VPN100 how can i do that? it's important that users on the local computer network could access Internet content.

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    Hi @Dino,

    If you'd just like to let users on the local computer network access Internet content, go to Ethernet > wan1 and configure IP address provided by ISP. Then connect ISP to wan1.

    Configure computer network to lan1 and configure the IP address and subnet mask.

    Configure a valid DNS server in System > DNS > Domain Zone Forwarder if the wan IP address is static IP.

    For example:

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