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Is there any chance to get Zabbix plugin for detailed monitoring my Zywalls?
I think it will be very helpful for administrators with Zywalls in their networks.

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  • Przemek
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    Can we plug Zywall logs into Elasticsearch?
  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    As your request,
    I recommend that you can use SecuReporter to monitor ZyWall/USG.
    You can reference the Secureporter introduction from official Website
  • Przemek
    Przemek Posts: 23  Freshman Member
    I recommend that you can use SecuReporter to monitor ZyWall/USG.
    Its making harder infrastructure monitoring. All hardware in company is monitored by Zabbix and now Zywalls will be in different panel. I found Zywall plugin for Zabbix but there is to low details. I think your support for wideused Zabbix will be apprecieted by many admins.

  • Jeremylin
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    You could download the mib file from official website first.
    Example for USG110, you can visit this Link to download the MIB file.

    I think zywall can be monitored or managed via SNMP, basically monitoring tool that supports understanding OID will work.
    Also, you should configure SNMP on device

  • ChrisGer
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    you're like me (luckily I'm not the only one using Zabbix to monitor the on-prem infrastructure) ;)
    my first invest was to locate MIB values and convert them to a device modell in zabbix. but this projekt is on hold (depending by the actualy sutuation arround the globe).


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