ZyWALL USG/VPN Series - V4.60 firmware has been released!

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Thank you for choosing ZyWALL Series. Zyxel is committed to continuously updating your devices for the most advanced features. This latest release enhances all-round functions of ZyWALL products including:

  • SSL inspection and performance enhancement

To Prevent advanced masqueraded attacks, we elevate security with TLS 1.3, while the enhanced SSL inspection performance gains up to 3-5 times faster.

  • Enhanced account security by Two-Factor Authentication

Added an extra 2FA protection for admin and VPN connection by SMS, email, and Google Authentication. Let users safely use their personal devices to log in to the private network for increased productivity.

  • Quick Setup Wizard for VPN remote access

Easy Steps to complete VPN connection for remote workers including Zyxel IPSec VPN Client and L2TP Connection with configuration download for iOS / Windows users.

  • APC 3.60 supports new WiFi6 APs and provides more comprehensive features

WAX510D, WAX650S will be supported for full management, while the WPA3 support is added on 11AX AP, CAPWAP enhancement, and more features also escalate the security and manageability.

Release Date: November 11th, 2020

Supported Models: ZyWALL USG Series/ ZyWALL VPN Series / ZyWALL 110/310/1100


If you encounter stability issue after upgrading firmware to ZLD4.60, PROVIDED THAT YOU’RE RUNNING FIRMWARE VERSION:

  • ZLD4.39C0

The Symptom:

The firmware listed above is subject to a bug. When FQDN object is created and

used in the system configuration, the device may hang after upgrading firmware to any newer version. However, if the device is running firmware version that is not listed above, then your device is immune from this symptom. Lastly, if you didn’t configure FQDN object, then your device is immune from this symptom, regardless of the running firmware version.



Power cycle the device (power off the device completely for 5 seconds, then power on the device).


1.    Reminder: in order to perform power cycling, you must have physical access to that device. You may need an on-site visit if the device was installed in a remote place.

2.    Please backup your device configuration before upgrading firmware.

3.    If your device is running weekly build: ZLD4.39WK32, ZLD4.38WK26/30, ZLD4.55WK26/30, then your device may be subject to the same symptom.

For the purchase/renewal of USG licenses, you can visit our new e-commerce platform Zyxel Marketplace.