ZyWALL ATP and USG FLEX series - V4.60 firmware has been released!

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Thank you for choosing ZyWALL ATP and USG FLEX series. Zyxel is committed to continuously updating your devices for the most advanced features. This latest release enhances all-round functions of ZyWALL products including:

  • SSL inspection and performance enhancements

To prevent advanced masqueraded attacks, we elevated security with TLS 1.3, while the enhanced SSL inspection performance has gained up to 3-5 times faster.

  •  Enhanced account security by Two-Factor Authentication

Added an extra 2FA protection for admin and VPN connection by SMS, email, and Google Authentication. Safely let users use their personal devices to log in to the private network for increased productivity.

  •  DNS Reputation, powered by McAfee (ATP only)

DNS Filter prevents reaching those known domains hosting malicious content and reduces the risk of phishing attacks, obfuscate source IPs using hijacked domain names.

  •  APC 3.60 supports new WiFi6 APs and provides more comprehensive features

WAX510D, WAX650S will be supported for full management, while the WPA3 support is added on 11AX AP, CAPWAP enhancement, and more features will escalate the security and manageability.


Great news to all our USG FLEX users, we've developed a new USG FLEX 100W/700 for a comprehensive solution. USG FLEX 100W* integrates dual-radio WiFi for solid wireless performance. USG FLEX 700 brings a complete suite of security subscription with seamless, scalable gateway connectivity to SMBs.

*: Availability may vary by countries.


Release Date: November 11th, 2020

Supported Models: ZyWALL ATP Series / ZyWALL USG FLEX Series