NWA1123-AC PRO Slow download speed, fast upload speed

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We get our internet connectivity via 4G. Typically 70MB down and 30MB up. 

I have three NWA1123-ACv2 's. One in the main house and 1 in each cottage all connected via cable to the router. They all operate well connecting at 30MB up and 70MB down
I have one NWA1123-AC Pro which is setup as an external AP to link to a remote chalet. We have a bad  connection with this one. It will allow full upload speed 30MB but operates at about 7MB down.
They are all managed via Nebula.
Anyone got any pointers as to why the Pro is so slow?
What have I done wrong.


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  • marcus28
    Solved, not a config issue. More of a line of sight issue. Need to bridge it.