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I want to do the following:

1. Connect port 1 to ISP Ethernet (ISP uses VLAN 4 for IPTV).
2. Connect port 2 to router WAN side excluding VLAN 4
3. Uses port 3 till 8 for IPTV (VLAN 4)

4. Connect port 24 to Router LAN side
5. Uses port 9 till 23 for local switching 

I assume above is possible? I have a TP-Link now doing this only with the TP-Link I'm not able to manage the Switch as soon Port 1 is connected to the ISP port.

With the Zyxel, is the switch still manageable when ISP. See picture below as well. Router Wan and Lan is connected to the switch?


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    I forgot to mention is, that I want to use SG1900-24E for it.
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    Does any one have the same issue? Please update me