Workaround for max. 4 virtual WAN interfaces on USG 110

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Just tried to add additional WAN IP addresses to my WAN1, but found that it can only have one base IP + 4 virtual interfaces. I need at least one more, is there a possible workaround / other way of accomplishing more than 4(5) WAN IP addresses on the same interface?

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  • mrwee
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    You were quite right. I could disable the virtual interface and it works fine. Can't explain why I ever did that, probably lack of knowledge :).
    Again, thanks for your help

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  • PeterUK
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    Don't have my own subnet to play around with but surely you can do a network without virtual interfaces?

    Without virtual interfaces IP traffic of your subnet is sent to WAN1? You can SNAT without virtual interfaces of a IP.

  • mrwee
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    The problem is on the WAN side. I have 5 IP addresses on the same fiber, and I use both NAT + outbound routing for different services. From what I've seen, additional WAN IP addresses needs to be added as virtual WAN ports "under" WAN1.

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