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Mario Posts: 62  Ally Member
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I just noticed some alerts about from the URL Threat filter

When I manual check the url, ther is no threat found

Why do I have this alert, when the URL looks OK?


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  • Jeremylin
    Jeremylin Posts: 166  Master Member
    I checked on my ATP200, and the URL did not hit URL Threat filter.
    If you add the URL in the white list does the issue still occur?
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  • Mario
    Mario Posts: 62  Ally Member
    Hi Jeremylin
    Thanks for you feedback. Today it looks OK, no alerts about it in the logs.
    But it's still strage, that I get an alert for an URL that is no in the filter :# 

  • RichP
    RichP Posts: 4
    Yes -- I started getting this last week as well.  The A/V software is not flagging it as a problem.  I am assuming that is is a false positve.  Is anyone at Zyxel looking at why it is being flagged?
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