USG 110 Bridging specific WAN IP to DMZ?

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Having gotten my multiple WAN IP addresses under control, I'd like to map one of these to DMZ (Port 7).
Is creating a bridge the correct way, or is there another way?

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    Yes so the second option is what you need instead of DMZ having with subnet and a device gets and doing NAT you setup a small subnet within your WAN1 subnet  to a on DMZ with a WAN IP gateway on DMZ at the end of subnet.
    Online IP Subnet Calculator (

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  • PeterUK
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    What WAN subnet do you have?

    You could bridge WAN2 to DMZ and the device gets the WAN IP.

    or you could setup a small subnet on DMZ let say your subnet is subnet you make DMZ gateway subnet the device gets IP this means you only get on WAN1 usable IP's to NAT out of, and

    You then need a routing rule for DMZ
    incoming   Interface
    member DMZ
    next hop type Interface
    Interface WAN1
    source network address translation to none
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    My subnet on WAN1 is, but it's also the only physical WAN connection I've got, so I assume WAN2 is useless in this case.

    I dont' quite understand your second option, but just for clarification I'd like to map one of my multiple WAN1 IP addresses to the DMZ.

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