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Hi Everyone,

One of my customer asked me that is there any information (can be cheatsheet etc.) about USG Flex vs. USG ?

They need a reasons to upgrade USG to USG Flex.

Can anybody help me about it?

Thanks a lot,

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    The USG Flex provides Higher Detection Threats Rate. It supports advanced Anti-Malware with cloud query express mode, and Reputation filter and Email Security. 

    More information regarding to USG Flex, you can check this Link USG Flex .

    The datasheet of USG and USG Flex as your reference as well.

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    If they are near the end of their current licenses, the year year extension offer may effectively make the hardware upgrade very low cost with about three times the performance (at least going from the USG 110 to the USG Flex 500.  That increase in performance can then be used to upgrade their internet speeds with about the same protection costs if they were doing annual IDP and APP patrol licenses.

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