In the last two days, the usg 310 will reboot on its own USG 310

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The USG 310 will restart on its own in the last 2 days. I don't see anything in the log. There is no regularity in restarting, meaning that you would restart at the same time every day. It has the latest firmware 4.60 (AAPJ.0). However, when I check the Firmware Management page the firmware does not print anything. In the log I see the following: 2020-12-02 06:32:49 error Get CNM-ID fail, with error = 1, msg = Cannot find SecuManager

I would like to ask for help with the above

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    I can't see 4.60 (AAPJ.0) on the official site anymore, instead zyxel released 4.60 patch 1, maybe you can see if this version can help in your case
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    I had this problem with a USG310. It was overheating due to a fan failure. I believe you can check the temp of the unit via SSH. Perhaps support can help.

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